The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To meet the needs of the orphans, poor and destitutes who are residing at Sharmarajika Orphanage. | The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To impart higher education to the inmates of the Orphanage so that they can build-up their future lives through self-dependency. | The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To provide Food, Shelter, Clothes, Health Services, education and accommodation of the inmates of the Orphanage.

1. To establish/erect of Atisha Memorial Complex & Relics Stupa in Bajrajogini, Munshigonj District, Bangladesh.
2. To establish Dharmarajika Auditorium
3. To establish Atisha Dipankar University
4. To establish Atisha Memorial Pagoda in BBKPS Head Quarter
5. To install Atisha Dipankar Statue
6. To establish Monks’ Training Centre