The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To meet the needs of the orphans, poor and destitutes who are residing at Sharmarajika Orphanage. | The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To impart higher education to the inmates of the Orphanage so that they can build-up their future lives through self-dependency. | The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To provide Food, Shelter, Clothes, Health Services, education and accommodation of the inmates of the Orphanage.

Year of Establishment - 1985.

Sl. #    Name      Position
1 President Principal Prativa Mutsuddy (1985-1995)
2 General Secretary Mrs. Suniti Barua (1985-1992)
Mrs. Mira Mutsuddy (1992-1995) Officiating.
3 President Prof. Smriti Barua (1995-2015)
4 General Secretary Mrs. Mira Mutsuddy (1995-2015)

Present President & General Secretary :

Prof. Smriti Barua

Mrs. Mira Mutsuddy
General Secretary