The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To meet the needs of the orphans, poor and destitutes who are residing at Sharmarajika Orphanage. | The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To impart higher education to the inmates of the Orphanage so that they can build-up their future lives through self-dependency. | The Dharmarajka Trust Foundation To provide Food, Shelter, Clothes, Health Services, education and accommodation of the inmates of the Orphanage.

1. H. H. Mahasanghanayaka Visuddhananda Mahathero – Ex-Chairman of the Humanitarian Standing Committee of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB).

2. H. H. Sanghanayaka Suddhananda Mahathero – Vice President, WFB, Executive Member, World Buddhist Sangha Council (WBSC), Asian Conference on Religion & Peace (ACRP).

3. Dr. Pranab Kumar Baruya, Ex-Co-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Humanitarian Service of the WFB & Ex-Secretary of the WFB   Dharmadhuta Commission.

4. Mr. Bimalendu Barua – Ex-Reporteur ABCP Laos Conference.

5. Prof. Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua – Ex-Vice President & Ex-Adviser of the WFB-Youth, Chairman, WFB Standing Committee on Education, Publicity, Culture & Art, Ex-Panelist, WFB-Korea Conference-2012.

6. Mr. Deva Priya Barua – Ex-Vice President of the WFB-Youth, Ex-Chairman, WFB-Youth Standing Committee for Membership & Ex-Election Commissioner of the WFB-Youth General Conference in Japan in 2008.

7. Mr.  Prikrita Ranjan Barua - Chairman of the WFB Standing Committee on Finance.

8. Mr. Pramatha Barua – Co-Chairman of the WFB Standing Committee on Finance. Asstt. Secretary General of the WFB.
9. Mr. Ranjit Kumar Barua, Member, WFB Standing Committee on Finance.
10. Mr. Siddhartha Barua, FCA, Co-Chairman, WFB Standing  Committee on Finance.